New Obama Ad Will “Run On Our Record,” But Leave Out…

Ed Morrissey
Hot Air Blog

Will Team Obama run on the President’s record, or from it? In their new 60-second ad “Go,” aimed at swing states, the Obama campaign tries to sell voters on Barack Obama’s accomplishments in his term in office. However, a couple of omissions are rather telling:

“We’re certainly running on our record,” senior Obama strategist David Axelrod said of the ad in an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

In just 60 seconds, the ad reminds viewers of the economic crisis Obama inherited in early 2009 — “America’s economy spiraling down,” the narrator says — and strives to portray Obama as the nation’s rescuer — “He believed in us. Fought for us.”

The ad touts the resurgence of the U.S. auto industry, killing of Osama bin Laden, end of the Iraq War and a positive trend in private sector job growth as the signature achievements of Obama’s first term.

It notably does not mention his signature legislative achievement — the Affordable Care Act — or Wall Street reform.

Chuck Todd tweeted that this is Obama’s idea of a “morning in America” ad. That would be a neat trick, considering that Reagan’s ad referred to the need to shake off the malaise and fatalism of the Jimmy Carter presidency, and Obama’s selling that exact same malaise. There are fewer jobs in the US now than when Obama took office — no, really — and Obama’s trying to sell this as The New Normal. That’s exactly what Carter tried to sell in 1980, and history showed how well permanent stagnation sells. On top of that, he’s still whining about having “inherited” the 2009 economy, when (a) he ran for the office without anyone twisting his arm, and (b) wasn’t there a guy named Barack Obama in the Senate in January 2007?

The omission of ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank shows how difficult this election will be for Obama. Those are his only two legislative accomplishments, and they’re so toxic that he can’t even include them in his swing-state ads. Small wonder Team Obama wants to talk about Swiss bank accounts and Seamus The Roof-Ridin’ Dog.

Team Obama may regret mentioning the economy, too. The RNC has a new ad out this weekend that asks and answers the big question after four years — “Are We Satisfied? No!”

The combination of Obama’s words from 2008 and 2012 is particularly effective. Not much has changed in four years, except that we’ve added almost $5 trillion in new debt, with the promise of massive red ink to come. The only answer this administration has to that situation is that they don’t have a plan, but they just don’t like anyone else’s. Maybe they should get out of the way and let people who do have plans take charge.