PA GOP Releases Web Video: #ImNotJulia

HARRISBURG — Today, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania released a new web video called “I’m Not Julia” focusing on real Pennsylvania women in response to President Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign.

President Obama’s “Julia” is a fictional character who lives in a government-centered society and in order to succeed, becomes dependent on the Obama administration throughout her entire life. It comes as no surprise that instead of running on his record, President Obama’s campaign resorted to creating a fantasy as most Pennsylvanians are finding it harder and harder to succeed and support their families under his and Senator Bob Casey’s failed policies.

Pennsylvanians and Americans have seen gas prices double and their share of the national debt increase by more than $16,000. Young college students are graduating but moving in with their parents because Obamanomics have led to near double-digit unemployment rates. Healthcare costs and insurance premiums are skyrocketing thanks to ObamaCare. Due to the Obama administration’s explosion of government spending, future generations will be lucky to see any of the tax dollars they paid into programs like Social Security and Medicare.

President Obama’s fantasy “Julia” doesn’t represent the women or people of Pennsylvania or America. Our video, “I’m Not Julia” features real, Pennsylvania women who talk about the effects of President Obama’s disastrous policies.

Watch the web video here.

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