Christie, Toomey Among Favorites To Run On Romney Ticket

Larry Kane
CBS Philadelphia

As always, there’s a guessing game on vice presidential nominees, but this year our region is right in the middle of that game.

The field is wide open and this week Chris Christie once again suggested he might be willing to accept Mitt Romney’s nod for VP, if Romney offers it of course.

There are three other regional leaders who are also hoping to get that phone call.

Right now, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is on most national lists. A key source in his office says he would accept. In recent days, people close to Governor Tom Corbett are promoting him hard for the Vice President slot. And Rick Santorum is in play, but he hasn’t endorsed Romney yet.

Christie is the most high-profile, but New Jersey is a very blue Democratic state and Pennsylvania is considered more of a battleground.

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