Romney Thanks RNC Staff

Patrick O’Connor
Wall Street Journal

Mitt Romney officially christened the Republican National Committee on Wednesday as his home away from home during a quick spin through Washington.

The likely Republican nominee thanked the RNC staff, party chairman Reince Priebusand his own transition team during a half-hour talk at headquarters Wednesday, according to one person present.

Mr. Romney lauded the assembled aides for all the work they do for the party and told the staff that the upcoming election is one of major differences between the two parties, the person present said. He also expressed his appreciation for their professionalism in the transition from the primary to the general election.

Mr. Priebus welcomed the likely nominee and told the staff that they are going to work hard to make sure Mr. Romney is the next president.

Mr. Romney and his wife, Ann, then took the time to shake hands with each of the 140 or so staff members who had gathered to hear his remarks.

Earlier in the day, at a stop in Chantilly, Va., Mr. Romney struck back at President Barack Obama for criticizing his wealth and his business record.

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