RNC Calls For Investigation Of Obama Trips

Rebecca Kaplan
National Journal

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday requested asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate President Obama’s use of government funds for campaign trips, crying foul over his trips to attend fundraisers and to rally support for student-loan legislation on college campuses.

“Throughout his administration, but particularly in recent weeks, President Obama has been passing off campaign travel as ‘official events,’ thereby allowing taxpayers, rather than his campaign, to pay for his reelection efforts,” reads the letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to GAO Comptroller Gene Dodaro. “Given the recent excesses, waste, and abuse uncovered in the General Services Administration, the GAO should be particularly sensitive to misuse of taxpayer dollars.”

The letter itself is unlikely to lead to any official action. A GAO spokesman said that the agency, which is the investigative arm of Congress, acts only on requests from lawmakers. However, Kirsten Kukowski, an RNC spokeswoman, expressed confidence that a member of Congress, presumably a Republican, would be willing to request an investigation on the party’s behalf.

“It goes to holding him accountable,” she said.

The RNC letter cites presidential trips to North Carolina, Colorado, and Iowa, where Obama gave speeches encouraging Congress to pass legislation that will prevent interest rates from going up on federal Stafford Loans. Those events, held in front of “cheering crowds of college students,” were “widely reported to be equivalent to campaign events,” the committee alleges.

The letter also cites a campaign swing two weeks ago through Florida, where Obama held three fundraisers and one event related to Buffett Rule legislation, which would set a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on households earning more than $1 million a year. These events constitute a worsening “pattern of behavior,” Priebus wrote.

A White House spokesman said that the travel was part of Obama’s “official responsibility to get outside of Washington, D.C., hear from students, and discuss stopping interest rates on their loans from doubling in July — just like Friday’s trip to Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Ga., to meet with troops, veterans, and military families is likewise part of the president’s official responsibilities.”

Spokesman Eric Schultz said in a statement, “When there is political travel, we follow all rules and regulations that all other administrations have followed.”

In a phone call with reporters, Obama political strategist David Axelrod called the letter a political ploy and said, “We are not going to get hot and bothered by RNC stunts.”

The president’s travel is a perennial election-year issue because a president’s campaign can conceal how much money it reimburses the government for the political portion of trips. The New York Timesnoted in a recent article that a 2010 regulatory change may leave the political parties picking up more of the tab than ever. Campaign rules now require the president’s campaign to reimburse the government for the cost of chartering a 737 aircraft, rather than the cost of first-class commercial airfare, the previous standard.

In his letter, Priebus also took the opportunity to zing the administration about the recent scandal over luxury trips by top GSA officials. “Understandably, much of your time may be currently occupied investigating the lavish, taxpayer-funded General Services Administration Vegas vacation. And assuming your office, unlike GSA, does not employ a mind reader, we felt it was necessary to file a formal complaint,” he wrote, a reference to recent revelations that GSA officials hired a mind reader to entertain employees on one of the trips.