Primary Results Spell Trouble For Casey

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Executive Director Mike Barley the following statement regarding Senator Bob Casey’s performance in the 2012 primary election.

“Senator Casey’s lackluster performance last night should concern his campaign team heading into his fall re-election. Democrat turnout was absolutely abysmal at 16 percent, which proves that the very base of the Democrat Party isn’t excited about coming out to work for Bob Casey. What’s more telling, is that of the Democrats that showed up, about 133,000 voted against Senator Casey, choosing a no-name challenger over their incumbent U.S. Senator. If Senator Casey can’t even get his own base to get excited about his re-election, there’s no way he can galvanize enough bipartisan support to win in November,” Barley said.

“If Senator Casey and Democrats so confident about his reelection campaign, than I challenge him to start traveling around the state talking about his accomplishments while in D.C. I challenge him to embrace his support of President Obama 98% of the time or his votes for Obamacare or the stimulus. I challenge him to explain his out of touch record with the people of Pennsylvania. That is not a record I would want to run on and I am confident he will find that it is not a record the people of Pennsylvania are going to support!

“We look forward to working with our Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Tom Smith to expose out-of-touch Senator Bob Casey.”