Why I’m Voting Tuesday

Dawn Meling
Commonwealth Foundation

I have a confession to make: A couple of years ago, I didn’t vote in the primary. I had started a new job, was taking night classes, and had just moved and I clearly remember thinking “I don’t have the time to look up my candidates and make an educated vote, so I won’t vote.”

Sure, by most anyone’s definition, I was pretty busy those days. But too busy to undertake my greatest responsibility as an American citizen? No, I wasn’t. I didn’t have to risk my life to get to my polling place down the road; there weren’t bombs or bullets to dodge. I just didn’t do it.

It’s easy to lose sight of primary elections amidst many good priorities in our lives. But please take a few minutes to watch the video below to remember why this right is really more a responsibility.

This isn’t about making you or me feel guilty about skipping votes in the past, but it is about reminding you why tomorrow is so important in honoring our past and preserving a brighter future. Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have fought and died for our ability to vote, so let’s honor their sacrifice tomorrow.

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