PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason And Vice-Chair Joyce Haas Endorse Mitt Romney For President

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason and Vice-Chair Joyce Haas released the following statement endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as our endorsed Republican presidential nominee:

“Today, we are proud to join Governor Tom Corbett, Senator Toomey and other top Republicans in endorsing Mitt Romney as our next president and the candidate who will get our country back on the path to fiscal security and prosperity. Mitt Romney is the leader our nation needs to restore Americans’ faith in their government and put our nation back on a path of lasting prosperity. Governor Romney has the experience needed to balance the budget, reduce our debt, lower taxes, reign in government and create an environment where business can thrive.

“Our Party’s commitment to defeat President Obama and put an end to his failed agenda continues to grow. From high unemployment, to $4 a gallon gas, to our $15 trillion national deficit it’s clear that Pennsylvanians need and deserve new leadership in the White House.

“We look forward to doing everything we can to deliver Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes to Mitt Romney in November.”