Marino Recovering From Surgery To Remove Tumors From Kidney

Pocono Record

U.S. Representative Tom Marino, R-10, underwent surgery today to remove small tumors located on his kidney.

His doctors anticipate a full recovery. Marino will resume a full schedule after a brief recuperation. The surgery was performed at the Cleveland Clinic under the care of Dr. Jihad Kaouk.

Marino Chief of Staff Bill Tighe said the procedure went according to plan. “According to his doctor, the successful surgery was performed in a way that will allow for a speedy recovery,” Tighe said. “Anyone who knows Tom knows he is a fighter. I am certain he will be back on his feet and back to work in a matter of days.”

Marino was elected to represent the 10th district of Pennsylvania in 2010. Prior to that, he served as the United States attorney for the middle district of Pennsylvania.

He lives outside of Williamsport with his wife and two children.

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