Report: RNC Raises $110 Million In 15 Months

Matt Vasilogambros
National Journal

The Republican National Committee has raised over $110 million in 15 months, retiring more than half its debt, the New York Times reports.

Before taking the reins of the committee, Reince Priebus dealt with its possible bankruptcy. However, now the RNC finds itself with $30 million cash on hand and $22 million in a cash reserve, deemed the “presidential trust,” for the party’s eventual nominee, the Times is reporting.

This comes as the RNC announced earlier this week that it would start joint fundraising efforts with Mitt Romney’s campaign that would allow donors to give as much as $75,000.

The Times also points out that the RNC last month had more in its coffers than the Democratic National Committee. The DNC raised $137 million, but spent more than its counterparts.

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