Republicans Jobs Agenda Working

In the face of Obama’s Job Crushing Economy, Corbett and Republicans move forward

HARRISBURG — On Monday, Pennsylvania Republicans held a press conference to discuss their efforts to spur economic growth and job creation in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, unable to compete with Republicans on the issues, decided to fire empty clips at Republican lawmakers in a desperate attempt to distract the electorate’s attention from Governor Corbett and the Republican-led Legislature’s strong record of delivering on promises and promoting job growth in Pennsylvania.

Democrat Rhetoric: “Since these Republicans entered office in 2011, however, it seems they have covered just about every issue except for jobs.” (Pennsylvania Democratic Party, April 2, 2012)

Republican Record:

  • 2011 saw the largest one-year growth in private sector jobs in Pennsylvania since 1999, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
  • In 2011, Manufacturing job growth in Pennsylvania was higher than any year since 1990.
  • In 2011, government jobs declined by 20,200, but the private sector grew by 79,000 jobs.

(Commonwealth Foundation. February 3, 2012.)

Pro-Jobs Marcellus Shale Legislation

Governor Corbett worked with the State Legislature to sign a comprehensive plan to develop Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale resources. The job-friendly law takes a balanced approach to ensure that this industry can continue to create thousands of Pennsylvania jobs, while ensuring that public safety and our environment are well-protected.

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Fair Share Act

Passed in 2011, the Fair Share Act is necessary legal reform that helps to make Pennsylvania more economically competitive by ending frivolous lawsuit abuse. The legislation is built upon the principle that if a defendant is found to be 15% responsible, he or she is liable for 15% in damages, thereby discouraging attorneys from dragging defendants with deep pockets into courts, regardless of if they are at fault or not. As a result, Pennsylvania can keep more of the small business, professionals and other job creators by ensuring they are treated fairly in Pennsylvania’s courts.

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Shell Oil Cracker Plant

Last month, Shell Oil announced that Pennsylvania has edged out West Virginia and Ohio in a three-state race for a new, multi-billion dollar cracker plant that could bring as many as 20,000 jobs to western Pennsylvania. It’s thanks to Governor Corbett’s commitment to establishing a business friendly climate that companies are looking to invest in our Commonwealth.

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Two Balanced Budgets That Put Jobs First

After inheriting a budget gap of $4.2 billion dollars, Governor Corbett and Republican lawmakers passed a reality-based budget in 2011 that doesn’t raise taxes and puts Pennsylvania back on the right track towards economic prosperity. Governor Corbett continued this work in 2012 when he promoted another fiscally responsible, job-friendly budget that continues to force government to live within its means while encouraging businesses to move to and grow in Pennsylvania.

From the Governor’s Office:

  • Inter-agency partnerships with the departments of Education and Community & Economic Development will help leverage federal Workforce Investment Act funds, streamline workforce development programs, create a comprehensive strategy to place highly-trained Pennsylvanians into Marcellus Shale-related careers and ensure that Pennsylvanians are receiving the education necessary to compete in a globally connected marketplace.
  • Keystone Works will provide rapid back-to-work employment services for unemployed Pennsylvanians and incentives for the employers who hire them. Under the program, participants will keep their eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits while receiving Labor & Industry-certified training for up to eight weeks at 24 hours per week. The employers who hire them will receive up to $375 for each four-week period during which a program-trained hire works at least 30 hours. The maximum monetary benefit employers can receive is $1,500 over 16 weeks.
  • The department is creating comprehensive job-matching tools that will connect skilled workers with employers, and improve the connection betweenworkforce and economic development. By using the information gathered from claimants fulfilling the work-search provision of Pennsylvania unemployment compensation law, Labor & Industry will be able to provide job-matching services specifically tailored to individual claimants’ needs.

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