ICYMI: Highlights From RNC/PAGOP Press Conference On ObamaCare In Pennsylvania

“President Obama signed this 2,741 page monstrosity two years ago. In fact, ObaamCare’s second birthday was last Friday. But was the President celebrating? No. Did Bob Casey, who enthusiastically supported its passage in 2010, release any congratulations? No…

“Thankfully, taxpayers have had Republican advocates in Pennsylvania government who have taken the shadier bits of ObamaCare to task. Just yesterday, the Pennsylvania Senate approved the “Individual Health Care Freedom Amendment” that would amend our Constitution to prohibit Pennsylvanians from being required to obtain health insurance coverage or from being penalized for not doing so. Governor Corbett as Attorney General led Pennsylvania into a law suit along with 27 other states challenging ObamaCare’s individual mandate.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

“A full 2/3 of Americans across the country want the court to block all or part of ObamaCare. It’s unconstitutional and it must come to an end. ObamaCare is an undeniable failure by the president’s own standards. By his words. And we’re going to show you an ad that we’re airing throughout Pennsylvania when I get done.

[See RNC’s newest ad, “Higher Costs“]

“But by his own standards, ObamaCare has been a failure. Insurance premiums will skyrocket. Millions will lose employer-based insurance. Unelected bureaucrats will deny seniors care. Taxpayers will foot a $1.7 trillion dollar bill on day one. It’s bad for business and it kills jobs.

“This is why President Obama didn’t mark the Second Anniversary of what was supposedly his proudest achievement. Today we’re here to stand with Pennsylvanians who don’t want, don’t like and can’t afford ObamaCare. We’re on the side of the majority that says no to big government healthcare, and yes to real reform, liberty and freedom.”

Endorsed Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Welch:

“Beyond that, beyond the enormous costs, beyond the loss of private insurance, beyond the flawed constitutionality I think it’s important to remember the worst part, the absolute worst part of ObamaCare, is that it puts government in between patient and doctor. This is not the American way and we cannot stand for it.

“President Obama and Bob Casey were wrong when they forced this bill upon us and they are wrong today to continue to support this flawed legislation.

“Let’s make one thing crystal clear. There is a better way. When I ran Mitos we listened to our employees. We sat down every year and figured out what was best to them, what we could afford and what would meet their needs. And this allowed us to be competitive in the marketplace. Top-down regulations and mandates from Washington like ObamaCare remove this local control of our healthcare system and do nothing to drive down cost.

“Pennsylvanians know we need a new direction. They know we need to repeal ObamaCare, we need real healthcare reform, not some one-size-fits-all concoction from Washington, DC. Some of the reforms are simple. They’re market-based solutions. Allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. They’re getting rid of abuses in the legal system.

“Unlike Bob Casey, when I’m in the United States Senate, I’ll fight to repeal ObamaCare. And I will deliver common sense reforms that reduce healthcare costs to every Pennsylvanian and that is something every Pennsylvanian deserves.

Gene Barr, President and CEO of Pennsylvania Chamber:

“We came out here today to talk a little bit about this issue and its concern to the business community and I want to first mention as many of you know the Chamber is the largest, broad based business advocacy group in Pennsylvania. This is a huge issue and we’ve been engaged with it for quite a while. But today I want to focus on just a couple of things….

“The inhibition on job creation is this. Because of the provision in this act that states that 50 employees and above you are subject to the provisions of the act. From talking to our members, if you have 45, 46, 47 employees, you are going to really have to think twice about whether or not you’re going to add those few employees onto your payroll, and subject yourself to the provisions of this act…

“Well I don’t believe the U.S. people thought this act was designed to subsidize hobbies for people. So let’s do something that really makes sense. Let’s do something that controls healthcare costs. Let’s do something that doesn’t subsidize hobbies. Let’s find something that will control healthcare costs, while not inhibiting job growth.”