Mike Fitzpatrick Speaks With Philly College Students

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Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick payed a visit to St. Joseph’s University students on Tuesday night in a discussion spanning topics of sustainable energy, foreign policy, immigration and Medicare to name a few.

Fitzpatrick’s 8th District encompasses Bucks County, part of Montgomery County and part of Northeastern Philadelphia County, areas which many St. Joseph’s students call home.

Speaking to a Global Business Management class, the Representative began his discussion explaining the transformation Congress has gone through in the past few years between his term in the 109th Congress, when the main issue on the floor was foreign policy, and today, where the main concern is a topic that is on every American’s mind: the Federal deficit.

Fitzpatrick’s discussion hit home for students, a generation who will be not only shouldering the national debt but also is nervously preparing to enter the workforce in an unstable economy.

He stressed that the key to turning America around is by strengthening the business sector.

“We need the the business community now more than ever,” Fitzpatrick said. “We need more people back in the system paying taxes to afford our economy.”

Managing our country’s finances, Fitzpatrick emphasized, is the key to ensuring domestic economic success and national security. The Congressman emphasized that without proper management, America’s financial situation will continue to spiral downward until it reaches the point where the country becomes unmanageable. Using the euro zone as an example, Fitzpatrick warned that America’s national debt poses a huge threat to maintaining national security.

“We need to deal with crisis before we’re dealing with riots like there are in Athens and Lisbon,” Fitzpatrick said. “Imagine if what happened in Greece and Europe happened [in the US]…if you can’t prevent conflict in your own country, how are you going to support national defense efforts?”

Fitzpatrick proposed that a structural spending program would be the best way to alleviate America’s financial woes.

“If we don’t make changes, everything will collapse,” he said. “Washington needs to cut back on spending — that would be the most effective.”

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