In 2012 Race For Cash GOP Takes January

Fox News

The Republican presidential hopefuls, when combined with the Republican National Committee, outraised the total fundraising of President Obama and the DNC in January.

When you add them all together the GOP presidential field and the RNC raised just north of $31.5 million in January of 2012. Meanwhile President Obama’s re-election campaign team, when combined with the DNC, raised just under $29.3 million over the same period of time.

It is worth noting that the Super PACs that are supporting the Republican presidential candidates such as, “Winning Our Future” which Backs Newt Gingrich and the pro-Romney group “Restore Our Future,” as well as groups supporting Rick Santorum and Ron Paul also raised more than $20 million when combined during the month of January.

The good news for the GOP is the fundraising shows there is enthusiasm out there among Republican voters and activists. However, the bad news is the GOP presidential candidates are spending just about all of their money tearing each other down while President Obama’s team saves cash for the general election battle in the fall.

The RNC looks at January as a victory, the $10.4 million raised leaves the committee with $23.4 million cash on hand and $11.8 million in debt. RNC officials point out that when they took over from the Michael Steele administration they were facing a $24 million mountain of debt.

The Democratic National Committee was not quite as successful at fundraising over the same period, hauling in $6.1 million in January, which leaves the DNC 15.7million in cash on hand. However the committee also has only $6 million in debt.

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