Governor Fires Back At Democrats Over Transportation Funding

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Gov. Tom Corbett this morning said Democrats who have criticized him for not offering a plan to boost funding for Pennsylvania’s crumbling transportation system are “ballsy.”

Democrats didn’t fix what has been called a transportation funding crisis when they controlled the House and had Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, in the governor’s mansion, he said.

“For them to call on me and say, ‘We need to fix this problem in the first 14, 13 months you’re in office … It’s ballsy,” Corbett said during a press conference at Calgon Carbon Corp. in Findlay.

Corbett said he has had “preliminary discussions behind the scenes” on transportation funding. A commission Corbett appointed last year recommended ways to generate an added $2.7 billion annually for transportation within five years, but the governor has yet to offer any legislative proposals.

The key question, Corbett said, is, “Where is the Legislature going to be, particularly in an election year, when it comes time to make some very tough decisions?”

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