Obama’s Budget: A Bogus Plan

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Obama administration bills the president’s proposed budget for fiscal 2013 as a “blueprint for how we can rebuild an economy where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.”

By sucking an additional $1.5 trillion out of that economy over the next decade?

By penalizing hard work by raising taxes on those who create most of the nation’s jobs and fill the private investment pool?

By rewarding economic irresponsibility by only nibbling at the deficit?

By placing larger carrots on longer sticks for state, county and local governments with absolutely no chance of future sustainable funding, essentially hanging them out to dry? (There are always big hooks hidden in this administration’s carrots, aren’t there?)

How many small-business owners, operating on the thinnest of margins during these years of recession, will simply find it no longer worth their while to stay in business? How many jobs will be lost?

The new budget is filled with paper savings — made from the pulp of populist pap that’s tailor-made for a presidential election year. But budgetary tricksterism is not serious budgeting. And that Barack Obama remains the shaman of the genre should be all the American people need to know to deny him a second term.

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