State Of The Union: Rep. Meehan Responds

Treddyffrin-Easttown Patch

Republican Congressman Pat Meehan’s 7th Congressional District boundries are changing, but for now he still represents a small part of the Tredyffrin-Easttown Patch area. Tuesday night Meehan (R-PA 7) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s third State of the Union Address.

“This needs to be a year of solutions — not blame-game politics. Democrats and Republicans need to keep in mind the hardworking taxpayers who are struggling and the millions who are out of work, including a half-million Pennsylvanians. Hundreds of workers at the refineries and those communities are wondering what the future holds. Families and teachers at our Catholic schools and at Chester-Upland school district face closures and hard times.

“There is enough blame to go around. But if we create an environment to support and sustain jobs — politicians won’t need to point fingers.

“I take the President at his word that he wants to work together. We heard some ideas tonight that we can begin to work on. The President pledged to produce more American energy through natural gas development. He talked about increasing American manufacturing jobs. We also need to pass a long term transportation bill that will make our roads and bridges safer, more modern and efficient. These are good ideas and will help put Americans back to work.

“All sides need to put their partisan swords away and, rather than compromise their principles, come together and see where we can find common ground. There is much we can work on with the President, and Congress should do so in good faith. At the same time, the House has passed nearly 30 bipartisan jobs bills that the Senate hasn’t considered, proposals that will help small businesses grow and create jobs. I hope the President will urge the Senate to consider where there can be agreement.

“The people that we represent sent us here to find solutions for the middle-class and move the country forward — not further divide it.”

Rep. Meehan’s office also reported that “the Mayor of Marcus Hook, James D. Schiliro joined Rep. Meehan at tonight’s address. Meehan said he invited Mayor Schiliro to shine a spotlight on the workers and communities affected by the Sunoco and ConocoPhillips refinery closures, and to stress how important it is for all parties to continue working together to keep good jobs in our region.

“Meehan participated in the bipartisan seating at this year’s address, sitting with Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, of California. Speier is the Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, which Rep. Meehan serves as Chairman,” according to a Meehan press release.

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