Obama Recycles Rhetoric From Old SOTU Addresses [VIDEO]


The day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, the Republican National Committee is up with a new video suggesting that if the address sounded familiar, it’s because Obama delivered large parts of it before.

The web video, entitled “Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record,” juxtaposes Obama’s rhetoric this year with the State of the Union addresses he delivered in 2010 and 2011, highlighting the similarities to suggest that Obama has had to keep repeating himself, having failed to accomplish his goals.

“It’s time for colleges and universities to get serious about cutting their costs,” Obama said in 2011. He echoed the statement on Tuesday night, saying, “colleges and universities need to do their part by working to keep costs down.”

All three years, Obama has urged taking on the issue of illegal immigration, and called for a way to avoid deporting people who come to the United States as students, and then leave to start businesses and bring their talents to bear in other countries.

Last year and this year, he spoke of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, phrasing it both years as a need to deal with the nation’s “crumbling roads and bridges.”

Obama not only discusses similar topics, but his speechwriters appear to be recycling the same lines.