Patrick Murphy Takes “The Bar” To A New Low

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Democrat candidate for Attorney General Patrick Murphy’s legal credentials:

“The fact that Patrick Murphy has never taken the Pennsylvania bar exam and has never tried a case in Pennsylvania’s courts shows he has little respect for the Pennsylvania Constitution and should send a message to voters that he is not prepared to be Commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer. If he could not take this small step, we cannot trust him to lock up child predators, elder abusers and drug dealers.

“Sadly, this is just another example of Patrick Murphy being a career politician but short on real experience and he obviously cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting Pennsylvanians. We need an Attorney General whose first thought is how protect our citizens and enforce the law not just try and get elected to a new office.”

Attorney General hopeful Patrick Murphy did not take Pennsylvania bar exam
Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A former U.S. representative running for Pennsylvania attorney general never took the state bar examination and has not tried a case in the state’s courts.

The Bucks County resident was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in 2004 based on his passing the Minnesota bar exam and five years as an Army lawyer.

Patrick Murphy told The Associated Press this week he took Minnesota’s bar exam after graduating from Widener University Law School in Harrisburg in 1999.

He says he was entering the Army Judge Advocate General Corps and took the Minnesota test because fellow officers told him he would get the results sooner.

He says he’s tried cases in federal, military and foreign courts, but so far none in Pennsylvania.

Murphy is one three Democratic candidates for attorney general.

(Jackson, Peter. Attorney General hopeful Patrick Murphy did not take Pennsylvania bar exam. Associated Press. Published in the Patriot News Wednesday, January 11.)