Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Tours Can’t Disguise Failed Leadership

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Obama’s upcoming visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania:

“The President’s visit to Scranton is just another attempt by our campaigner-in-chief to disguise his failed policies from the voters who are anxious to hold him accountable at the polls next year. President Obama knows he cannot win the White House with a 53% disapproval rating in Pennsylvania. Now, to try and bring his sinking numbers back afloat, President Obama is forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for these repeated publicity tours throughout 2012 battleground states. What the President can’t seem to understand is that Pennsylvanians don’t need more talk; we need more jobs,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

Lackawanna GOP Chairman Lance Stange also added, “President Obama’s disastrous policies and lackluster leadership has completely short circuited our region’s ability to prosper. Scranton is known for its innovative spirit, and we are being held back by President Obama’s job crushing higher taxes, more spending policies. No number of Presidential visits will fool voters into believing that President Obama has done anything to jumpstart economic growth in our region.”

Chairman Gleason continued: “Where is Senator Bob Casey amidst President Obama’s visit? President Obama and Senator Casey have been best friends in Washington, with Casey supporting the President’s more taxes, more spending agenda nearly 100% of the time. Interestingly, when President Obama comes to Senator Casey’s backyard he’s nowhere to be found. Senator Casey may hide from President Obama and voters in Pennsylvania, but the President couldn’t ask for a better partner in Washington.”