Murphy Joins House GOP Leadership To Move Jobs Bill

Peters Patch

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy announced Thursday that, in the coming weeks, House Republicans will formally introduce an energy and infrastructure jobs bill—and hope to move the legislation through the House before the end of the year.

“With high unemployment and crumbling infrastructure, now is the time to enact policies that solve our need for energy independence while creating jobs and improving our nation’s transportation network,” Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, said. “We can accomplish these two critical needs without raising taxes, buying oil from OPEC, or borrowing more money from China.”

Highlighting this urgency, a study by the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates the US needs to invest $2.2 trillion just to bring our nation’s roads, bridges, locks and dams up to par.

According to a release from Murphy’s office, such an approach would support economic growth by removing government barriers to private-sector job creation, particularly in the area of American energy production as well as fund needed infrastructure repairs.

The energy/infrastructure jobs bill will be the latest measure in the House GOP American Energy Initiative, an ongoing effort to support job creation and lower energy prices for families and businesses by allowing increased production of American-made energy.

Spearheading this idea since 2008, Murphy formed a bipartisan group of legislators to develop an energy independence plan.

This year, Murphy introduced the Infrastructure Jobs and Energy Independence Act (HR 1861), which dedicates a portion of offshore royalty revenue for rebuilding America’s roads, bridges, locks, and dams, would spur $8 trillion in economic output and create 1.2 million new jobs annually.

The legislation also expedites the sale of offshore leases and prevents potential legal and bureaucratic delays. In addition to speeding up offshore development and dedicating royalty revenue to infrastructure projects, this new legislation will also speed approval and leverage private-sector dollars for public works projects.

“Rebuilding the nation’s transportation system matches our nation’s number one priority—creating jobs,” Murphy said. “And by investing in meeting America’s growing energy needs, we’re also ensuring that Pittsburgh continues to be the energy capital of the world.”

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