Lawmakers Want Tougher Penalties For Crimes Against Children


Two state lawmakers are pushing for tougher penalties for people convicted in crimes against children.

There are two new bills, both in response to the much-publicized death of Caylee Anthony in Florida, and the outrage over the fact that her mother, Casey, waited to report then lied to police about her daughter’s death.

One of the representatives said he received more constituent concerns about that case than any other issue in his district.

The bills, from representatives Justin Simmons and Tarah Toohil, would increase penalties for parents or guardians who hide the death of a child from police, making it a felony with more prison time upon conviction.

Penalties would also increase for parents who provide false information to police in a criminal investigation involving a child.

“It’s important that the Legislature move on these child protection laws that these laws be implemented in Pennsylvania so that the atrocities that occurred in Florida and the atrocities that occur against children can be stopped,” Toohil, R-116th District, said.

The two bills could be packaged with other bills in response to the Penn State sex abuse scandal, but they were being worked on before the scandal came to light.

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