Biden’s Extreme Rhetoric And Dangerous Threats Have No Place In Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement on Vice President Biden’s visit to Pittsburgh:

“Barack Obama is continuing to lose ground in Pennsylvania because of his failed policies and that is why you are seeing a slew of his top political lieutenants travelling to the Keystone State. Unfortunately, for folks across Pennsylvania, another campaign visit pitching the same old rhetoric that was already rejected in a bipartisan fashion won’t reverse all the damage he has already done,” said Chairman Rob Gleason.

After students at Pitt realize that the Obama-Biden policies that are racking up thousands of dollars of debt that they have to pay off in exchange for a student loan plan only saves you a few bucks a month, Vice President Biden’s attempt to re-kindle the youth vote will ultimately fall flat, just like many of their other policies.

“Although President Obama has proven that he knows quite a bit about losing jobs, Vice President Biden’s extreme rhetoric and dangerous threats have no place in Pennsylvania. It is time for this administration and their top surrogates to tell the truth about Barack Obama’s Stimulus 2.0: it will do little to help folks out of work and it is too little, too late,” continued Chairman Gleason.



In an interview pitching Obama’s campaign stimulus bill, Biden claimed that if we don’t pass the legislation, we will lose another 3 million jobs. After more extreme claims and rhetoric, the Washington Post’s fact checker called this claim “shocking.”

(Glenn Kessler, “Biden’s shocking job-loss figures,” Washington Post’s Fact Checker, 10/27/2011)

In a recent visit to Flint, Michigan to pitch Stimulus 2.0, much like he will do today, he said that rapes and murders will rise if we don’t pass Barack Obama’s campaign stimulus bill. The Washington Post’s fact checker labeled this claim as “absurd” and that there was no excuse to make this dramatic claim. (Glenn Kessler, “Biden’s absurd claims about rising rape and murder rates,” Washington Post’s Fact Checker, 10/21/2011)