Governor Corbett’s Earns A+ With Education Plan

Governor Corbett’s students-first approach is about spending smarter, not more

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement supporting Governor Tom Corbett’s education reform proposal, which he announced today at Lincoln Charter School in York County:

“By taking a thoughtful, students-first approach, Governor Corbett’s has created a reform-oriented plan to revamp Pennsylvania’s education system. From creating the Opportunity Scholarship Program to provide tuition assistance to eligible students, to expanding the highly successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, Governor Corbett has shown a strong commitment to investing in Pennsylvania best asset, our children,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“As a former teacher, Governor Corbett also understands the critical role educators play in student achievement, as well as some of the challenges teachers face. Governor Corbett’s education plan implements an evaluation and accountability program that not only rewards positive teacher performance, but helps underperforming educators to grow.

“We have learned that throwing money at our education problems won’t necessarily solve them. Governor Corbett understands that taxpayers to have their funds spent more wisely. For his thoughtful and robust proposal, Governor Corbett earns an A+.”

Good opportunity: Corbett’s voucher plan gives students options

“The governor also is right to push for changes to the charter school law and for reforms to teacher evaluations. While many details still need to be worked out, the overall goals are greater transparency and accountability.

“Taken together, Corbett’s reforms offer real change to the parts of the state’s educational system that need it most. There will no doubt be plenty of turf battles ahead as these proposals move through the General Assembly, but the focus must remain on giving students, such as those in the Harrisburg School District, a greater chance at success.” (Good opportunity: Corbett’s voucher plan gives students options. Patriot News. October 12, 2011.)

Corbett presents education plan

Gov. Tom Corbett today presented an education plan that calls for more charter school accountability; expanded tax credits to companies to help nonpublic schools; opportunity scholarships aimed at enabling low- and moderate-income students in failing schools to attend other public or nonpublic schools; and a new system for evaluating teachers. (Olson, Laura and Chute, Eleanor. “Corbett presents education plan.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. October 11, 2011.)