Obama In Pittsburgh: More Snake Oil

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Traveling Road Show of Barack Obama’s Command Economists visits Pittsburgh today with the command economist in chief in tow.

Yes, the president will visit a local union hall — where else? — where he’ll convene yet another dog-and-pony-show session of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. There, he’ll push once again for his dead-on-arrival American Jobs Act and blame everybody but his administration for his continued efforts to spend America ever deeper into debt and back to prosperity at the same time.

The Shaman of Shazam strikes again! Talk about snake oil.

Gee, and we wonder how Mr. Obama will explain to his hosts at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers a Los Angeles Times report that says many of his council advisers supposedly have engaged in practices antithetical to organized labor’s cartel interests and the president’s pursuit of a national industrial policy?

And what about the president “raking in the Wall Street dough” (as The Daily Caller puts it) while giving his nod-nod, wink-wink support to what some call the “neo-communists” of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

In advance of today’s trip, a White House-directed form-letter campaign bombarded the local media with supposed “grassroots” support for the latest government intervention to cover the lie of the last intervention. How apropos — fake “support” for a fake “economic plan” from a fake “leader.”

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