President Obama Needs To Start Talking About Solyndra

After Warnings, Why Did Obama Choose His Donors Over The Taxpayers? Has this happened with other? Why shouldn’t we think it will happen again?

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason issued the following statement calling on President Obama to explain what we have termed “Solyndragate.”

“This weekend President Obama hit the nail on the head when he acknowledged he hadn’t changed Washington. In fact, as news continues to trickle out about Solyndragate and we run into more Obama donors at every turn, we realize he’s actually made it worse, bringing Chicago-style politics to Washington. With Democrat donors everywhere as investors and lawyers, Solyndra smells of cronyism and Washington’s business as usual,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“As the President travels the country trying to sell his Stimulus 2.0 in states like Pennsylvania, it’s time he start explaining the waste in Stimulus 1.0. How can Americans trust the President with their money when last time President Obama had the taxpayer credit card he spent our money like a drunken sailor? President Obama may think that his Energy Secretary should take the hits, but to the people of Pennsylvania, the buck stops with the President. It’s time for Obama to start explaining how he lost half a billion taxpayer dollars and how he’s going to prevent it from happening again.”