Congressman Lou Barletta Speaks At Carbon GOP Rally

Ron Gower
The Times News

One of the largest gatherings at a Carbon County Republican Committee dinner in recent years attended the fall rally Tuesday night at Capriotti’s Restaurant in Tresckow.

Nearly 100 people were present, with the main address delivered by U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta of Hazleton.

Barletta spoke in detail about the national deficit, stating, “It’s not that Washington taxes too little. It’s that Washington is spending too much.”

Also speaking briefly at the dinner were Vic Stabile, a candidate for Pa. Superior Court, and Marc Scaringi, who will be opposing Bob Casey for the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Republican candidates for Carbon County offices were also introduced and gave comments.

They were President Judge Roger Nanovic II, who is seeking retention on the bench; Wayne E. Nothstein and Tom J. Gerhard, candidates for county commissioner; Todd Koller, recorder of deeds; Steven Armbruster, sheriff, and Edward J. Lewis and Bill Kissner, magisterial district judges.

The candidates were introduced by MaryEllen Salerno, chairman of the Carbon Republican Committee.

The master of ceremonies was Michael Sofranko, Jim Thorpe mayor.

Tim Berger, chief of staff of State Representative Doyle Heffley, apologized that Heffley couldn’t be present because of obligations in Harrisburg. He said since being elected, Heffley has attended 100 percent of all the sessions in Harrisburg.

Barletta told his audience, “My motivation during the last campaign (for Congress) was different than any time before.” He said he was a new grandfather, and he looked at his grandson and asked, “Will he have the same opportunities we had?”

He noted that throughout America’s history, every generation has passed onto succeeding generations a better life. He said this might not happen with the present generation.

He said he, like other candidates elected last year, heard the same complaint from Americans, “that Washington wasn’t listening.”

Barletta remarked, “People told us Washington was spending too much money.”

“We are borrowing at a record rate; $188 million every hour of every day,” he said, adding, “We are sending this debt to our children and grandchildren.”

“We have maxed out the credit card and it’s time to take it back.”

Barletta commented that 10,000 people are retiring every day, stating, “We have less people paying into Social Security than are paying out.”

“Obama presented a jobs bill,” he noted, adding, “It’s not a jobs bill. It’s a tax bill. How will raising taxes create jobs?”

The speaker noted that present small businesses are over-regulated, adding, “Not since the Great Depression has our unemployment been so high for so long.”

He pointed out that one in seven Americans is on food stamps.

“We need to give businesses the green light to grow by eliminating the hurdles that hinder,” he said.

Barletta stated, “When you and I pay our bills, we make sure there’s money in the checkbook. We need Washington to do the same.”

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