PoliticsPA’s Ups & Downs: 9/9

Politics PA

Tom Corbett. The Governor has handled the recent weather emergencies well, and emerged as a leader doggedly tackling a non-partisan issue. Nothing says “I’m one of you,” like an elected official putting sandbags around his house. We wonder if the PA Dems would be so quick to criticize the “ReadyPA” ads today. As a bonus, he got to skip what would have been a highly scrutinized speech at the Marcellus Shale conference in Philly.

Pat Toomey. Last week, Politico said Senator Toomey might be a super committee deal maker. During its first meeting this week, he showed why. Toomey emphasized in nearly equal parts the need for entitlement reform AND tax reform — two likely pillars on the path to common ground.

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