Democrat Rep. Mike Sturla Says Hardworking Pennsylvanians Are Drunks And “Womenfolk” Are Promiscuous

Sturla’s Comments Out Of Touch, Out Of Line

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason and Vice Chair Joyce Haas released the following statement regarding comments made by State Representative Mike Sturla alleging that the true impact of the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry amounts to local employees ‘patronizing the bars at night’ and ‘spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk:”

“I don’t know what is more offensive, Sturla’s reference to Pennsylvania women as “womenfolk” or his assertion that we are promiscuous? Rep. Mike Sturla should apologize for these incredibly stupid comments and his Democratic colleagues should denounce them immediately. There is room for a debate on the real issues surrounding the growing natural gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania without disparaging hardworking Pennsylvanians and an industry that is actually creating jobs during these difficult economic times,” said PA GOP Vice Chair Joyce Haas.

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason continued, “First of all, I understand that Democrats are shocked and awed that jobs are being created during President Obama’s tenure, but Rep. Sturla’s comments have no place in political discourse and he should be ashamed of himself. The truth remains, Pennsylvania industries continue to grow because of business friendly, fiscally responsible policies like those that Governor Corbett has championed. Considering the Marcellus Shale industry, it’s a simple, inarguable fact that natural gas drilling has generated billions in revenue and supports nearly 140,000 jobs in our Commonwealth. That’s 140,000 men and women who are making an honest living and supporting their families due to the growing drilling industry. I don’t care which party you belong to — these numbers are great for Pennsylvania, especially considering the troubling economic times facing our nation.

“I call on Rep. Sturla’s Democratic colleagues to denounce his insensitive and sexist comments and start convincing Pennsylvanians that they actually do care about job growth in our Commonwealth.”

Rep. Sturla Refers To Hardworking Pennsylvanians As Promiscuous Drunks

But Rep. Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster, disagreed that it should be done and added Gov. Tom Corbett and Walker whitewash natural gas drilling. He asked in an e-mail: “exactly what are all those things the drillers are doing for the local communities? Patronizing the bars at night? Driving up the cost of rental housing? Spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk?” (DeCoursey, Peter L. Walker says forestland royalties key to solving state’s economic problems. Capitolwire. August 16, 2011.)

Marcellus Shale Industry Report Created $11.2 Billion in Economic Activity & Supported 140k Jobs in PA in 2010

According to a report released by three Penn State University researchers, entitled “The Pennsylvania Marcellus Natural Gas Industry, Economic Impact, and Future Potential,” the Marcellus Shale drilling industry has generated $11.2 billion in economic activity in the state in 2010 and supports nearly 148,000 jobs. (“New State Study: Marcellus Shale Drilling Created $11.2 Billion in Economic Activity & Supported 140k Jobs in PA in 2010,” Marcellus Shale Drilling News, 6/20/11)