Sunday Hunting: What Some Area Legislators Say

Reading Eagle

Rep. Mark M. Gillen, Mohnton Republican: “I would say I am an ardent defender of the Second Amendment as you would find in Berks County. However, we currently have a set of laws on the books with regard to Sunday hunting and I think they’re adequate. To a significant degree they reflect many of the sentiments I hear in the sporting and agriculture communities.”

Rep. Jim Cox, Spring Township Republican: “Personally I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. I don’t think it has the legs to move. There are too many reservations for people to get behind it. There are questions about deer population management and whether or not private land owners will allow it.”

Rep. Douglas G. Reichley, Lehigh County Republican who represents part of Berks: “I’m inclined to be against repealing the ban. I’ve gotten a lot of input from landowners, recreational users of land and some hunters that we need to give animals a break at least one day a week.”

Rep David M. Maloney, Pike Township Republican: “My constituents’ response was overwhelming in leaving the law the way it is. There are a lot of concerns with repealing the ban, like deer and land management. We owe it to our sportsmen to figure those issues out before changing the law.”

The following local state representatives could not be reached: Thomas R. Caltagirone, Gary Day, Jerry P. Knowles, Dante Santoni Jr. and Mike Tobash.

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