Corbett Keeps Promise

Altoona Mirror

While campaigning for governor, Tom Corbett pledged to balance Pennsylvania’s budget without raising taxes. While facing a $4 billion dollar structural deficit, many thought the governor’s promise would fall by the wayside.

But despite the obstacles, Corbett and members of the General Assembly have passed a fiscally responsible, reality-based budget that puts Pennsylvania on a course toward job growth and economic prosperity.

Every person is faced with living within a budget. As stewards of our tax dollars, our government should have faced their budget in the same manner. Unfortunately the previous administration repeatedly tried to spend us into prosperity, with disastrous results.

Corbett signed a sustainable budget that will promote job growth, maintain funding for core government services and basic education. And he signed it on time! While many of the reductions were unpleasant, this budget will make Pennsylvania more competitive in the global marketplace.

For many candidates a no tax pledge is just a slogan, but for Corbett, it was a promise made and a promise kept.

A.C. Stickel

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