Highlights From Press Conference Call With PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason On The RNC’s Television Ad, “Change Direction”

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason: “Yesterday, the Republican National Committee released a new television ad in Pennsylvania called ‘Change Direction’, highlighting President Obama’s failed economic policies. This message certainly resonates with residents in our Commonwealth; since President Obama’s nearly $1 trillion dollar failed stimulus passed, Pennsylvania has lost 10,800 jobs and the unemployment rate has risen to 7.4 percent.

“Thankfully, we have Republicans in Pennsylvania like Governor Tom Corbett and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey fighting to keep President Obama’s disastrous agenda at bay by curbing governments spending and holding the line on taxes.

“But even as Republicans work to change the direction in Washington. D.C. and Harrisburg, President Obama hasn’t drifted from his failed policies that have given our country $14 trillion in debt and 9.1 percent unemployment.

“Pennsylvanians have taken notice of our President’s failure to lead on the economy, as President Obama’s struggles with a 48% disapproval rating right here in our Commonwealth.

“All of this translates into a one key point. The 2012 election will come down to the President’s clear failure to lead on the economy, and he will lose because Pennsylvanians will hold him accountable at the ballot box.