Republicans Pass Fiscally Responsible, Reality-Based Budget

After 8 years of Democrat delays, Republicans get the job done, and done on time.

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the timely passage of the Commonwealth’s fiscal year 2011-2012 budget today.

“After eight years living under the threat of higher taxes, furloughs and government shutdowns, Republicans have delivered a fiscally responsible budget on time without raising taxes. Governor Tom Corbett has worked with members of the General Assembly to pass a reality-based and sustainable budget that encourages job creation, installs fiscal responsibility into our state government and creates a sound framework to build Pennsylvania’s future,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“This budget is a profound success for Governor Corbett, who kept his promise to maintain the core functions of government, promote job creation and grow Pennsylvania’s economy while not placing an undue burden on Pennsylvania taxpayers. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Saves Pennsylvania tax dollars by decreasing bloated government spending by 4%, a $1 billion dollar reduction
  • Reforms Harrisburg by reducing the administrative cost of state government by 10% over the next four years
  • Promotes job creation by gives more than 100,0000 job creators over $70 million in tax relief
  • Funds our schools by increasing Pennsylvania dollars spent on Basic Education funding back to 2008 levels
  • Protects taxpayers by requiring school-boards to seek voter approval in order to pass tax-increases above the rate of inflation

“We need fiscal responsibility at every level of government to get our Commonwealth back on track. No longer will the can be kicked down the road to future budgets or tax shifts to local governments. Governor Corbett and our Republican lawmakers have initiated this conversation by passing a companion piece of legislation requiring voters to approve property tax increases above the rate of inflation at the local level by referendum. This is a key reform designed to protect taxpayers from unnecessary tax hikes.

“Contrary to the Democratic Party’s claims, there is no such thing as a budget surplus when we’re dealing with a $4.2 billion dollar budget deficit. It’s this type of irresponsible budgeting that got us into this mess in the first place. Pennsylvanians deserve to have a government that lives within its means and protects taxpayers from one-time gimmicks, tricks, and out-of-control spending; this is exactly what Governor Corbett and Republican legislators have accomplished.”