Senate And House Pass Landmark Lawsuit Abuse Reform “Fair Share Act” Key To Protect Taxpayers And Revitalize Pennsylvania’s Economy

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the passage of the “Fair Share Act”, a significant step towards meaningful tort reform in Pennsylvania:

“The ‘Fair Share Act’ is a necessary reform that helps to end frivolous lawsuit abuse and will make Pennsylvania more competitive,” Gleason said. “I applaud the legislature for passing this much-needed legislation that will put our Commonwealth on equal footing with other states that have passed similar legislation and enable us to recruit new businesses that create more jobs.

“The legislation is built upon the principle that if a defendant is found to be 15% responsible, he or she is liable for 15% in damages, and discourages attorneys from dragging defendants with deep pockets into courts, regardless of if they are at fault or not. This is a commonsense reform that maintains every citizen’s access to the legal system while discouraging abuse.” Chairman Rob Gleason said