Governor Corbett Reins In Out Of Control Spending

Spending outpaced inflation over the past eight years and grew by a staggering 40.1%

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement in support of Governor Tom Corbett’s budget proposal.

“There’s one thing everyone can agree on: Pennsylvania’s spending has been out of control and we must do something about it now. No longer should we live under the threat of higher taxes because our government can’t live within its means,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“From 2003 to 2011, Governor Ed Rendell increased General Fund spending by 40.1%, an $8.1 billion dollar increase, and then expected taxpayers to foot the bill, threatening a 16% increase on the personal income tax.

“Facing this $4 billion budget gap, Governor Corbett’s 2011-2012 budget cuts the waste and shrinks the bloated General Fund by 3%, forcing our government to live within its means instead of asking taxpayers to dig deeper into their own pockets to pay for more spending. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania will continue to fully Governor Corbett’s efforts to ensure our Commonwealth continues on its new road towards lasting prosperity.”

The following excerpts are from the Commonwealth Foundation’s policy point, “Pennsylvania State Budget Overview.”

Massive Government Spending Outpaces Inflation

“Since 1990, Pennsylvania state government spending increased 64%, an inflation-adjusted increase of $2,080 per Pennsylvania resident.

  • Under former Gov. Ed Rendell, the General Fund budget increased by $8.1 billion, or 40.1% from 2003 to 2011, nearly double the rate of inflation (21%).
  • If Pennsylvania had limited the growth of spending to inflation plus population growth over the last eight years, the state would have a surplus this year (without stimulus aid of $3.1 billion) rather than a $4 billion dollar shortfall.”

(The Commonwealth Foundation. “Pennsylvania State Budget Overview. April 6, 2011.