Lawmakers Take Aim At ‘Sidewalks To Nowhere’

Dwayne Parker

It’s government at its worst, according several lawmakers from Schuylkill and Berks Counties.

“Tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on this project, to basically create a problem and a hazardous situation,” said Republican State Representative Jerry Knowles.

Knowles, and other local leaders, are calling into question sidewalks being built in intersections that appear to lead to no specific destination.

Rep. Knowles, along with Republican State Senator David Argall, toured the intersection of Park Road and Main Street in Maidencreek Township. There, some of the sidewalks were filled with pebbles instead of cement, and cones covered portions of sidewalk where the pavement is uneven.

These sidewalks include curb cuts which were actually built to comply with recent revisions in the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

“We’re being told we don’t have enough money to fix our bridges. We’re being told we don’t have enough money to fix route 61. And yet we’re forcing government to build sidewalks to nowhere. That’s nuts,” said Argall.

Eileen Gordner lives in the area and says the quality of the sidewalks are not suited to people with visual impairments or who may be confined to a wheelchair.