Fwd: New Strategy Memo

I want to share a very informative and insightful strategy memo put together by our PA GOP staff on how our Party is preparing for the 2011 and 2012 elections.

We all know that Pennsylvania has become a top targeted state. There is no doubt in my mind that President Barack Obama will be spending a lot of time in our state for his re-election campaign. Republicans won the top two spots in the 2010 election and a number of down-ticket races and this has the Obama team nervous. He’ll be traveling to our state to both raise money and campaign for votes.

We also know the Democrats will pour tens of millions, if not more, into building an infrastructure to re-elect Barack Obama and other Democrats across the state. We need to fight back and that’s why I’m asking you to pitch in and donate any amount right now by following this link.

Please take a moment to read Mike’s memo and remember to make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to help us raise the resources necessary to implement these strategies, win more elections in 2011 and defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

Thank you,

Rob Gleason

From: Michael Barley
Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 4:32 PM
To: All Staff
CC: Rob Gleason
Subject: New Strategy Memo: Please Read

Republican Party of Pennsylvania

From: Michael Barley, Executive Director
To: Interested Parties
Date: June 8, 2011
Re: PA GOP Strategy Memo — Laying the Groundwork for 2012

The Republican Party’s tremendous success in 2010 transformed Pennsylvania into a Red State and cemented our status as a key swing state in the 2012 Presidential race. Even though Democrats out-register Republicans by more than one million voters, Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey’s resounding victories prove that even in a difficult state, a strong Party operation can surge the right candidate to victory on Election Day. We laid a successful groundwork in the 2010 election cycle by:

  • Engaging a motivated electorate
  • Recruiting young voters
  • Investing in new technologies
  • Raising over $15.1 million in 2010 alone and recruiting over 7,000 new donors
  • Focused efforts on winning congressional races
  • A successful PA Victory program that was recognized nationally, resulting in over 3.5 million voter contacts
  • Maximized earned media potential

To defend the important gains our Party made in 2010 and prepare for key races this year and beyond, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania will continue to invest in key programs that grow and mobilize our local grassroots organizations.

Election 2011

  • Statewide Judicial Races
    This year, our Party faces important statewide judicial elections. Two open seats will be on the ballot — one on the Superior Court and one on the Commonwealth Court — as well as six retention races for sitting Republican judges. We look forward to electing strong Republican candidates to statewide appellate court this year and to strengthen our strong Republican majority on the statewide bench.
  • Building the Republican Party at the Local Level
    Today, 40 of 67 courthouses are currently in Republican control. By collaborating with our Republican organizations at the county level, we will implement a targeted program to identify pick-up opportunities as well as defend courthouses Democrats have targeted. This initiative will not only promote principled, conservative government at the local level, but will also support the growth and development of local grassroots structures who will be necessary for us to win statewide races this year and beyond.

Growing Our Party for 2011 and 2012

  • Strengthening Grassroots — PA Field Director Programm
    Having professional staff on the ground at an early stage in the election cycle strengthened our grassroots organizations to benefit local, regional and statewide campaigns. Our field staff also build the foundation for our landmark Victory Program, which in 2010, shattering previous voter contact records. Pennsylvania received recognition as the strongest voter contact program in the nation. We will continue this important program by identifying and training top-notch political operatives to deploy to regional offices across the Commonwealth in preparation for the 2011-2012 cycle.
  • Investing in County Parties
    Chairman Gleason launched the Executive Directors Program in 2009 to ensure that key county parties have a full-time staff available to coordinate grassroots activities and recruit and train qualified candidates. We look forward to building upon and expanding this program in 2011.
  • Coalitions Development
    By focusing on coalition building throughout the year, we can build relationships with key groups to strengthen our outreach and messaging in their communities. Identifying and organizing these groups will be invaluable as we prepare for elections this cycle.
  • Protect Voter Rights — Photo ID and Election Day Operations
    We have taken active steps to restore integrity in the election process and prevent voter fraud by creating a dynamic rapid-repsonse team that can be dispatched to solve legal issues on Election Day and ensure that every vote counts, but only once. We also support “Photo ID” legislation which requires all voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polling place.


  • Implementing Cutting-Edge Technology
    In addition to expanding our presence on popular social networking sites and revamping our Web site, we will continue implement the latest microtargeting strategies to identify who our online audiences are and serve effective messages catered to their interests to keep them coming back.
  • Revamping Traditional Earned Media
    By infusing political messages in press releases, press conferences, as well as television, radio and newspaper interviews we can disseminate our message all across Pennsylvania. The success of our earned media strategies has transformed the Communications and Technology Department into a significant resource for local Republican organizations and candidates who seek messaging advice and assistance.
  • Creating Dynamic Media with Web Videos
    By utilizing the mobile recording technology we can publish even more video content to feature hot issues, behind-the-scenes access at events, as well as interest profiles with candidates and elected officials.