Obama, Aides Struggle With Post-Raid Miscues

Washington Times

In retrospect, killing the world’s most dangerous man was easy. The hard part has been figuring out what to do next.

From the changing details of the raid and the controversy over the release of Osama bin Laden pictures to the use of the code name “Geronimo,” President Obama has faced a host of nagging questions from the left and the right in the days following what was widely hailed as the biggest victory of his presidency.

“The Obama people seem determined to snatch a propaganda defeat from the arms of victory,” said conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh on his Thursday program. “This is chaos.”

Most of the criticism has centered on the White House’s shifting versions of what happened during the Sunday night raid. The first account the following day from counterterrorism chief John O. Brennan said that bin Laden engaged U.S. forces “in a firefight.” The next day, White House spokesman Jay Carney amended the story to say that bin Laden “resisted” but did not actually shoot at the Navy SEALs.

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