Under Investigation, Patrick Murphy Wants A Promotion After Pennsylvanians Fired Him From Congress

Failed record and fraudulent campaign activities raise significant questions

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding ex-Congressman Patrick Murphy’s recent announcement today:

“How can we trust Patrick Murphy to be the chief law enforcement office of the Commonwealth when he turned a blind eye to fraudulent activities occurring within his own Congressional campaign?

“Patrick Murphy’s manipulative tricks couldn’t camouflage his failed record, which includes rubber-stamped approval for President Obama’s stimulus and healthcare takeover. After his own constituents fired him from Congress, how can Pennsylvanians promote Patrick Murphy’s failed record and questionable judgment to the Attorney General’s office?” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

Patrick Murphy’s campaign ran a deceptive absentee ballot scheme last year in a desperate attempt to save the Congressman’s job. “…it was revealed that his campaign manager controlled a post office box where voters were being instructed to send their absentee ballot applications. The ballot applications were then re-mailed to the countyBoard of Elections. A letter from a fictitious agency, the ‘Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office,’ was sent to an unknown number of residents across the 8th district in southeastern Pennsylvania warning them that their ability to voter could be jeopardized unless they returned an enclosed absentee ballot application in a pre-paid envelope that went to a private post office box in Bristol, Pa.” (Thomas Shakely, The National Review Online. “Patrick Murphy-linked Absentee Voter Controversy Unfolds.” October 27, 2010. http://www.nationalreview.com/battle10/251201/patrick-murphy-linked-absentee-voter-controversy-unfolds-thomas-shakely)

Group of concerned voters in Bucks County submitted a complaint to the Board of Elections in Bucks County regarding this troubling letter and the scores of rejected absentee ballot requests. Petition to Bucks County Commissioners. October 26, 2010.