President And “Campaigner-In-Chief” Obama Tries To Revive Failed Administration

$4 a gallon for gas defines Obama’s energy policy

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Obama’s upcoming visit to Bucks County on April 6th:

“President Obama is visiting Pennsylvania to talk about his energy policies, but the truth is that our ‘Campaigner-in-Chief’ has put more energy into his re-election campaign than to create jobs and fix our economy,” Chairman Gleason said. “The President’s public-relations tours won’t mask the fact that the failed Obama agenda has resulted in job-destroying tax increases and trillion dollar deficits.

“Pennsylvanians, who are very familiar with the job-creating opportunities that energy resources provide and who are tired of paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas, don’t need stump speeches; we need solutions. Failed leadership aside, the only energy that President Obama has cultivated is that of Pennsylvania voters who will work steadfastly to get him out of office next year.”