Obama’s Groundhog Day Appearance Reminder Of Failed Policies

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s upcoming visit to State College on February 2nd.

“Pennsylvanians soundly rejected President Obama’s job-killing, failed policies last November, and by electing Republicans like U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, Governor Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley who are spearheading real leadership and job-creating reforms.

“President Obama will be discussing energy policy but Pennsylvanians are no strangers to the opportunities in the energy industry. Our Commonwealth enjoys rich energy resources including oil, coal, water, nuclear and new opportunities like Marcellus Shale natural gas. Pennsylvania is ready to develop domestic energy sources that can fill America’s energy demands and create good jobs. With runaway spending, overburdening regulation, looming tax increases and a hostile position toward current energy industries, how can President Obama form an energy policy that will sustain our 21st century needs?

“In the spirit of Groundhog Day, perhaps Punxsutawney Phil will wake up giving us an early spring and President Obama can finally provide an economic environment that is more friendly to job creators. Pennsylvania can’t afford six more weeks of winter or one more day of record high unemployment and President Obama’s failing economic agenda.”