Congress, State Capitols And GOP

Lancaster Online

It’s good to be a Republican these days.

In November’s midterm congressional elections, the GOP wrested control of the U.S. House from Democrats and made significant inroads in the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate.

At the same time, Pennsylvania elected a Republican governor, who will be working with a Republican state House and Senate, starting in January.

Indeed, Republicans will control the governor’s mansion and both legislative chambers in 21 states (up from nine). Democrats lost ground, getting full control of 11 states (down from 16).

Republicans are very much in the driver’s seat in Congress and in many states.

Now comes word that Republicans are the big winners in the 2010 census, which is used to reallocate seats in the U.S. House and to distribute $400 billion a year in federal funds.

This could solidify Republicans’ hold on the House even more.