House GOP: No Lame-Duck Slots Awards

Mike Wereschagin
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Some House Republicans want the state Gaming Control Board to hold off on awarding its last slots licenses until incoming leaders in Harrisburg appoint new board members.

The board, however, is trying to award the last resort casino license, known as a Category 3 license, by Jan. 6, two days after the new Legislature takes office and two weeks before Tom Corbett is sworn in as governor. Five groups applied for the last resort license, including lumber magnate Joe Hardy’s Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

“The gaming board is independent, and the Legislature can’t tell the board what to do, whether that is when to vote or how to vote. This board continues to work toward a public vote at one of its next two meetings, December 16 or January 6,” board spokesman Doug Harbach said.

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