Tone Deaf Bob Casey, Jr. Still Supports Harry Reid

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement regarding news that U.S. Senator Bob Casey supported Harry Reid for U.S. Senate Majority Leader.

“Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to describe Senator Casey’s vote for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader,” Barley said. “Just two weeks ago, Pennsylvanians sent a clear message to Washington, D.C. that they were tired of the wasteful spending, big government policies and failed agenda of President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I guess Bob Casey didn’t get that message!

“With all due respect to Bob Casey’s spokesman, I don’t believe he accurately laid out his boss’s priorities. From so many observers of Bob Casey’s career, his priorities seem to be to vote in lockstep with extreme liberal leaders like President Obama and Harry Reid and hide out in D.C. Can anyone point to one major accomplishment Senator Bob Casey has had in four years in office?

“If we want to get rid of ObamaCare, stop the excessive spending and implement real change in Washington, D.C., we must get rid of Senator Casey and the strip away his ability to support the same failed big government agenda.”

“Remember when Bob Casey used to say he would act in the best interests of his constituents rather than support the extreme liberal leadership of Washington, D.C.? Does Bob Casey?

“On the campaign trail, Bob Casey was fond of saying that when two people vote nearly 100% of the time the same way, one is not necessary. Mr. Casey, we feel your leadership is not necessary and we are thankful that Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to elect a new U.S. Senator soon!”