Chairman Gleason Congratulates State House Republican Leadership Team

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the reorganization session of the State House Republican Caucus.

“Today, our Commonwealth continued the process of restoring responsible leadership to the State House,” Gleason said. “With the election of Sam Smith as our next Speaker of the House, Majority Leader Mike Turzai and the entire State House Republican leadership team in January, Pennsylvanians can look forward to an agenda that is rooted in the core principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

“I want to congratulate the entire State House Republican leadership team and wholeheartedly support their efforts to restore integrity to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.”

Today, State House Republicans chose the following officials to serve as members of their leadership team:

  • Speaker of the House – Rep. Sam Smith
  • House Majority Leader – Rep. Mike Turzai
  • House Majority Whip – Rep. Stan Saylor
  • House Appropriations Chairman – Rep. William Adolph
  • House Caucus Chairman — Rep. Sandra Major
  • House Policy Committee Chairman – Rep. Dave Reed
  • House Caucus Administrator – Rep. Dick Stevenson
  • House Caucus Secretary – Rep. Mike Vereb