Democrats Admit They Collected And Sorted Ballots Through Fictitious Office

DOYLESTOWN — Today, the Bucks County Board of Elections voted to sequester all absentee ballots in Bucks County in order to determine the extent of absentee ballot election fraud that has been perpetrated in the run up to Election Day. The Board of Elections heard testimony from the District Attorney of Bucks County, David Heckler who said his office has opened a criminal investigation into forgeries on absentee ballot applications. Heckler said his office has found probable cause of violations of both the Election Code and the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and that his office will help the Board of Election employees preserve evidence for the investigation.

During the hearing, the attorneys for the Democratic State Committee admitted for the first time, absentee ballot applications received through the fictitious Pennsylvania Office of Voter Assistance which was established by Patrick Murphy’s campaign, were indeed sorted according to party registration. Yesterday, Democratic State Committee Officials claimed that no applications were received from Republicans and that ballots were not screened. “Today the Democrats admitted that they had a list, sorted by party registration of all applications received through their fake office,” said Patricia Poprik, Vice Chair of the Bucks County Republican Party. “They need to come clean and immediately release the list of applicants who applied for absentee ballots, so voters can be assured that ballots sent to the Democrat’s fictitious Office of Voter Assistance were properly forwarded to the County Courthouse.”

Despite their claims, the Murphy campaign’s fictitious ‘Office of Voter Assistance’ has actually disenfranchised voters. Since 5:00 PM on Tuesday, the Murphy campaign has delivered hundreds of applications to the court house that have missed the deadline to submit absentee ballot applications.

“Voters were deceived into thinking that they were getting assistance in voting from this official sounding but completely fake office,” continued Poprik. “In reality, they got misled and disenfranchised.”

The Board of Elections is comprised of Commissioners Charles Martin, Diane Ellis Marseglia and, as well as Judge Wallace Bateman, a Rendell appointee to the Court of Common Pleas.