Pittsburgh’s Major Newspapers Agree: Tom Corbett For Governor

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason was pleased to learn that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett earned the endorsements of both The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“It’s certainly very telling that the two major newspapers who know both gubernatorial candidates best are overwhelmingly throwing their support behind Tom Corbett,” Gleason said. “After watching the careers of both candidates since they began, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review have become experts on the careers of Tom Corbett and Dan Onorato and their vastly different visions for Pennsylvania.

“They’ve watched Tom Corbett work to reform government and recognized his commitment to a no new tax pledge just as they’ve observed Dan Onorato’s history of raising taxes and following in his ‘role model’ Ed Rendell’s footsteps. At a time when our unemployment rate is nearing double-digits and our state spending is simply out-of control, the experts agree: Tom Corbett has the vision and the plan to lead our Commonwealth in the coming years.”

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette joined the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in endorsing Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett in the race for Pennsylvania Governor, noting:

And with the ghosts of present and future deficits shrieking in the hallways of Harrisburg, who are you going to call? Dan Onorato, who carries the same Democratic brand? Or Tom Corbett, the Republican, who offers the best chance of a fresh approach from top to bottom?

We think that question answers itself. Our choice is Tom Corbett. (Editorial, “Corbett for Governor: After Rendell, A Republican Can Break With The Past,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/24/10,http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10297/1097377-192.stm)

Last week, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review awarded their endorsement to Tom Corbett as well, saying:

“Pennsylvania sorely needs leadership. It needs a governor who is an adult, one who plays neither games nor favorites, as the ongoing prosecution of legislative corruption has shown. That leader is Tom Corbett, the Republican state attorney general who has served Pennsylvania — and the nation as a federal prosecutor — with the greatest distinction.

We heartily endorse Tom Corbett for governor of Pennsylvania. The commonwealth cannot survive a third Ed Rendell term.” (Editorial, “For Pennsylvania Governor: Elect Tom Corbett,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/17/10, http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/opinion/s_704572.html)