Ed Rendell Tells Democrat Voters To Get Over Failed Agenda, Support Dems Flawed Candidates Anyway

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Governor Ed Rendell’s statement that voters should “get over complaining” and vote for Democratic candidates anyway.

“Even Ed Rendell can’t spin his way out of the fact the Democrats are facing a lot of criticism for the failed agenda they have put into action in Washington D.C. and Harrisburg,” Gleason said. “Ed Rendell understands that the Pennsylvanians are sick and tired of the high-tax, job-killing policies of Democratic candidates like Joe Sestak and Dan Onorato, so he’s resorted to bullying and begging for votes as the election draws near.

“Ed Rendell is failing to realize that Pennsylvania voters are not like Democratic elected officials who he can bully into voting his way. Pennsylvania voters are not going to just ‘get over’ the wasteful spending policies that Ed Rendell and his Democratic colleagues like Joe Sestak and Dan Onorato have promoted.

“The out-of-control, tax-and-spending agenda that was advanced in Washington D.C. and Harrisburg is coming to an end, and even Ed Rendell’s attempt to strong-arm the Pennsylvania electorate can’t help them now. The Democrats are running on a failed record of double-digit unemployment, failed stimulus packages and massive overspending.”

With just a few months to go as Governor, Dan Onorato’s “role model” Ed Rendell has decided to give his honest opinion about the Democrat’s chances in November. This past Sunday, Rendelltold CBS’ Face the Nation,’ “All we have got to do is get them to the polls because a tepid vote counts the same as a wildly enthusiastic vote.”

On Fox News’ Fox and Friends, Rendell continued by saying, “So, there are choices, and I think our base should, you know, sort of get over the complaining — continue to complain because that’s your right, but get out and vote.”