Tom Corbett Strikes First, Wins First Debate

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding tonight’s gubernatorial candidate forum:

“Tom Corbett has the plan and ideas to reduce spending, cut taxes, create jobs and get our Commonwealth back on track, and that became very clear during tonight’s debate,” Gleason said. “Tom Corbett made it crystal clear that he will cut spending, demand fiscal accountability and will under no circumstance raise taxes on hardworking Pennsylvanians.

“On the other hand, Dan Onorato refused to give the people of Pennsylvania a firm commitment that he will stop the rapid growth in spending that has occurred under his ‘role model’ Ed Rendell and again signaled that he will not sign a pledge not to raise taxes. Dan Onorato talked a lot about his career as Allegheny County Executive, but failed to mention his record of out-of-control spending and raising taxes. After all, Dan Onorato is the only candidate running for Governor with a tax named after him.

“The people of Pennsylvania have made their desires clear — they want lower taxes, less spending and more jobs. Tom Corbett has the plan and ability to deliver the results people want. For the future of our Commonwealth, we must elect Tom Corbett as our next Governor.”