Joe Sestak Breaks Out The Flip-Flops

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement regarding U.S. Senate Democrat candidate Joe Sestak’s continued refusal to call on Congressman Charlie Rangel to resign despite being charged with 13 ethics violations by the House Ethics Committee.

“It’s amazing what a difference four years in Washington, D.C. can make,” Barley said. “Four years ago, Joe Sestak was sharply critical of his opponent for not calling for the resignation of a fellow Congressman who had engaged in unethical behavior, claiming that it was a decision based on ‘political ambition.’ Yet why does Joe Sestak continue to protect one of his Democratic leaders now, even after the House Ethics Committee charged him with 13 counts of unethical behavior?”

“Joe Sestak’s may not have Charlie Rangel’s ‘dirty money’ in his campaign coffers anymore, but why is he still refusing to call for this Democratic Party leader to resign?

“The obvious nature of this flip-flop is just further proof that Joe Sestak does not share the values of Pennsylvania voters.”

In a 2006 press release, then-7th Congressional District candidate Joe Sestak criticized Curt Weldon’s decision to ‘let the investigation proceed’ against Congressman Mark Foley.

Eleven days after the rest of the world learned what the Republican leadership apparently already knew, it is astonishing that Congressman Weldon still lets his leadership off the hook. (“Joe Sestak Holds Kitchen Roundtable Discussion With Concerned Parents To Discuss Need To Restore Integrity, Competence, And Accountability To Congress In Light Of Foley Scandal,” Sestak for Congress Press Release, 10/9/06)

Barley concluded, “Joe Sestak is singing a completely different tune today as he seems ok with extreme liberal allies off the hook.”